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1. Same Day Delivery
• To any Melbourne Suburb, using our
   own delivery people
• To nearly anywhere in Australia
• To just about any country in the world,
   though Interflora.

2. Quality and Freshness
We can guarantee the freshness of our flowers because Simeon buys his flowers daily, directly from the growers and their agents. All flowers are checked and conditioned and placed into a special flower solution created by Simeon to give the flowers a longer vase life. If you are not completely happy with our flowers, or they don't last their expected life span, then call us and we will replace them on our next run.

3. Floristry
Simeon himself, checks and finishes off every display and bouquet. We are creative designers, however we know that everybody has different tastes so we aim to accommodate all of our customers by being versatile with our designs.

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